Welcome to Mississippi Mushrooms

Mississippi Mushrooms is an urban mushroom farm located in the Minneapolis Upper Harbor Terminal complex on the banks of the Mississippi river. Our growing process recycles locally sourced waste materials like sawdust and spent brewer’s grain, and does not include any synthetic or toxic chemicals. Raw substrate materials are mixed and carefully inoculated with fungi in a specially designed clean-room, from where the growing fungi are transferred to climate controlled chambers for year-round production of fresh exotic mushrooms and compost.

Our products are available at coops and restaurants in the Twin Cities, and we are confident that you will find our mushrooms to be the freshest and highest quality available anywhere.

How to Find Us

The tricky part


At the intersection of Dowling and Washington Ave N, head east toward the river.  Cross the railroad tracks, pass through the gate, and take a right.

Drive south alongside the elevator and storage domes until reaching a large warehouse. Turn left towards the river and right around the corner of the warehouse. The entrance Mississippi Mushrooms is on the East side of the large concrete warehouse building.