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Home Mushroom Kit

This page includes instructions for home mushroom kits. If you would like to purchase a kit you can stop by our weekend open hours Saturday and Sunday 11am-2pm.

Congratulations! You are the proud owner of an inoculated bag of fungus!

To trigger mushroom production, first take a small knife or box cutter and cut four to eight 1” ‘X’ cuts in the bag where the fungal block meets the plastic. Now press the air down and out of the top inflated part of the bag, you want the only place mushrooms to grow to be outside and not inside the bag.

Place the block on a waterproof surface (a plate or plastic dish works well) and put it where you can provide the best conditions for fruiting. This is where you need to focus your energy: mushroom growth requires quality growing conditions. Try to get as close to these parameters as possible:

  • Natural but not direct light
  • Fresh air movement
  • High humidity (>80% rH)
  • 65º F (cool temperatures produce nice, dark colored mushrooms)

Humidity can be supplemented by misting with a spray bottle. Try to mist the bag at least two times per day, though more is better. You can also place the bag and dish over a wet sponge and as the water evaporates it will help create a humid micro climate.

In order to provide fresh air and maintain high humidity some people will take a large plastic bag and cut small holes in it. You can place this breathable ‘tent’ over your fruiting mushroom bag to help maintain high humidity between misting. Note that long periods of stagnant air is not desirable.

If properly cared for, your kit will produce three to five batches of mushrooms. After each “flush”,  simply maintain the environmental conditions and allow the mushrooms one to two weeks to grow again.

Oyster mushrooms are mature and ready to harvest just before the caps begin to curl upwards. Lion’s Mane is best picked when the teeth have elongated (with good conditions this will happen evenly) to about 1cm. Pinch the mushroom clusters off from the back

Good luck!