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Internship at Mississippi Mushrooms

Spring/Summer 2018

Mississippi Mushrooms is an indoor mushroom farm that specializes in producing specialty culinary mushrooms primarily for restaurants and grocery stores. We emphasize using waste by-products from local businesses as substrate materials. The ability of fungi to degrade these materials allows us to act both as an urban farm and a recycling operation!

We are seeking interns who are interested in learning about fungal biology through a hands on experience. Some activities include:

  • Substrate preparation
  • Use of sterile techniques to perform inoculations
  • Staffing a market stand
  • Compost management
  • Handling raw materials
  • Management of growing conditions
  • Harvesting Mushrooms

We are looking for individuals who are motivated and have a passion for agriculture and biology. Experience with fungi cultivation is a bonus, but not necessary. Interns can expect to be at the farm 10 hours/week with a semi-flexible schedule. The internship is unpaid, but includes mushrooms! The length of the internship is negotiable, with a minimum 12 week commitment.

Applicants can contact Ian at: ian ‘at’